i-Zon – How it can enhance employee monitoring?

i-Zon – How it can increase employee monitoring?

i-Zon! Yes, we are back again with the promotions of i-Zon . It happens to be a monitoring small invention which can be also explained as eyes-on.  I would like to fill all of you once again with uprising benefits of computer monitoring application of i-Zon software.  Let’s begin with its basics and then functioning.

A very innovative systematical idea meant for monitoring. The main concept about i-Zon revolves around capturing the activities of computer by an employee and saving it to a log file. It is basically an employee monitoring software. It keeps an eye on employee for the good and the better. That means the practice of device is monitored and stored as well. It is very beneficial tool as it can be used for all kinds of cyber security related issues. It can be used to monitor young kids minds and tracking the behavior of employees as well. It is a powerful combined versatile application. It is based on an interactive UI for users of all skills level. It monitors a computer or mobile system from one centralized location and the person doesn’t get to know that he is being monitored. It can also be referred as invisible software used for employee monitoring. This application contributes to know the behavior of employee in a better visual-monitoring manner. We can use this extraordinary software for cyber security matters.

i-Zon makes monitoring easy  as it  captures the screen shot of the display screen of the employee and then  stores it in the logs file . It happens to be a very secured process as it explains about the behavior of the employee towards the company and legal issues. It can reveal that what actually the employee is up to in his device. The employee even can leak or reveal some relevant details in some unwanted way and that’s the reason why this application has been launched. Therefore, i-Zon in day to day happens to keep an eye on the employee and monitors him. It basically works very beneficially for the admin. Because admin is the one who is receiving all the details about the system files. Along with the Conduct of the employee and his exercises, practices and activities on the device or system with details. The admin gets an picture or image in the context of employee’s behavior towards the organization, along with his work and office details. In fact software i-Zon can access the conversations as well n keep in check if employee tries to implicit unusual behavior. It captures and stores the screen shot of the screen used by employee and stores it to the logs.

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